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How To "Permanently" Regrow Your Bald Hair or Grow your Beards

Ex-Bald Haired Man Discovers Secret to Re-grow His Bald Hair in a space of 30 days!!!

Dear Reader,

Are you sick and tired of carrying a bald hair?
Are you tired of people calling you beardless guy, Bottle face?
Are you tired of waking up to a pillow full of hair from hair loss?
Do you want to be that charming man with full beards?
Are you tired of Generational hair loss?
Have you wasted a lot of money on hair loss treatment?
DO You Want to Finally get rid of your ugly & Annoying bald hair?

Hair is attractive and Breeds confidence...

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how to grow a beard nigeria

Jamaican Hair Formula

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Jamaican Castor oil (Ricinus communis) has many health and beauty benefits and this is why its alias is the ‘miracle oil’ or the Palma Christi (Palm of Christ). The oil is extracted from either the bean or seed of the castor oil plant. The castor oil plant found its way to Jamaica but credence to its origin, Africa.

Though with many medicinal uses, one of the leading applications is for the nourishment of the hair. Jamaican black Castor oil aka JBCO is a standalone in classification and therefore has beneficial effects when applied on the hair. It is mostly utilized for its positive effect on hair growth but can also be used in cases of hair loss due to its high potency of

  1. Omega 6 essential fatty acids
  2. Vitamin E
  3. An antioxidant
  4. Minerals and proteins.

How to use Jamaican black castor oil for hair growth


hair growth product nigeria

To benefit from JBCO try this;

  1. Apply to the scalp and roots of your hair.
  2. Put on a plastic cap
  3. Wrap your hair in a towel
  4. Let the castor oil sit in your hair overnight
  5. In the morning, shampoo your hair to remove the treatment making sure to get your scalp clean
  6. Proceed with your regular routine
  7. You’ll want to repeat this treatment once a week for 6-8 weeks to notice a difference in hair loss or thinning.


Beard Growth, Hair Thickening & Growth

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Beard Growth

Will Jamaican castor oil make your beard grow thick and longer?

The answer is yes! To some extent though. After all beard is hair…just like any other hair on your body.  Your beard will get all the benefits you’ve already learnt.

First, having or not having beards is basically based on the genes of your forefathers. Therefore, if you lack some, it is definitely not your fault and in this case, it is a fact that this oil is not going to create a beard out of nothing.

If you have some hair, count yourself lucky: this oil can offer some benefits. As mentioned earlier the oil increases blood circulation which can help increase the rate of beard growth a little bit.Apply onto the beard for growth but care should be taken not to lick it as it may cause diarrhea due to its laxative effect.

Hair Thickening

If you want to thicken your hair follicles, apply as thick layer on the scalp and massage. Hair that is still in the early stages of the hair growth cycle will be the target for better thickness. Thickness results may not be significant basing on user reviews. However, at least the oil will create a notion that your hair has thickened.

Hair Growth and eye brows growth

hair loss balm nigeria

From a general point of view, this oil offer a number of benefits for your hair. Hair loss as a result of chemo is common problem among cancer patients. Information based on personal accounts has it that castor oil can help stimulate hair growth after chemotherapy. How this works is based on the benefits that you’ve already seen above. However, further research is required to establish the effectiveness of this oil.

Stop Male Receding Hairline

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For men and women with receding hairline, castor oil is one of the readily available treatment option you’ve probably not tried. It will keep your healthy by getting rind of fungus and bacteria on your scalp

Get rid of Split Ends

Trichoptilosis, as medics may call it, is the breaking or splitting of hair shafts at the ends due to mechanical and heat stress. The nutrients contained in castor oil prevent and treat this.  Hold the ends of your hair and apply the oil onto them for 30 minutes two weeks span. You will have provided an alternative to cutting them.



I am really interested , How do i lay my hand on this Miracle Product

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Natural is Better

The first two points are based on you and your hair. What about the product? Here are some important ideas. Go for natural that is specifically meant for cosmetic use. Natural is free of chemicals and thus safe. The natural types of castor oil are cold pressed from the plant and usually colorless or light yellow in terms of appearance.


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